Planning for Next Year's Fun


I was out shopping yesterday and surprised to see people filling the aisles with school supplies. Where did the summer go? It seems like it just started, but the beginning of school isn't far away and folks are starting to purchase all the items necessary for your kids to have a great year. Once summer camp is over, which it was last week, we turn our attention fully to planning for the next year. We already have some plans already in the works. Last week we asked for comments on the service unit bonus for increases is membership and the cookie program and appreciate the suggestions that we received.

This week we are looking at how to increase our girls' utilization of property.   We have some properties that you can barely get a reservation for, while others are available more than we would like.   As someone who loves the outdoors, I keep hoping today's kids will leave their technology to walk outside and see what nature has to offer.   But then, it is a beautiful day, and I'm indoors typing this. 

A discussion we have been having is whether our resident camp numbers are in decline because girls don't want to spend the night at camp.   One of the ideas we have been kicking around is whether there would be an interest in having camp sessions that are day camps, rather than resident camp?   We employ the summer camp staff, many of whom are college students and would like to work for the entire summer.   We have properties throughout the council that we could use for these day camp programs and have discussed using parks and other facilities in those parts of the council that aren't close to a property, so those girls could have a camp experience too.   I would be interested in your thoughts and feedback on this, since we do look at our summer program this early.

The second question is whether you believe it is wise to rent our camp properties to others to generate additional revenue.   This is always a question of balance.   If we move that direction, troop leaders will have to plan more in advance than what happens in some areas.   Girls would get the first shot at camp properties, but there would be times when someone external might have the property rented, so a troop that plans more spontaneously might not be able to reserve their property of choice at the last minute.   Also, the down side of external use of our properties is there is more wear and tear on them.   Generally, we would look to rent our properties to other groups with a mission similar to ours.

We always appreciate feedback as we look at various options to improve the girls' experience.   Please send us your feedback at Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your summer!



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