We are All Evaluated


Whether you are in school or at work, in most settings, we are evaluated.   For a Girl Scout council, the GSUSA Board of Directors does a very thorough and comprehensive review of all we do every three years.   We have just recently completed that review.   I thought, since you do most of the heavy lifting, I would give you the results of our evaluation.   This is a report that goes to the Board of Directors and nothing will be approved or finalized until December 2012.   Our evaluation is for the period of 2009-2011.

Council Strengths:

1.   increases in girl and adult membership

2.  girl retention moved from 32.7% to 33.7%

3.  innovative girl-centric program offerings are delivered to troops and groups, which include outcome- based measurement

4.   council maintains an operating reserve as required and did not have unplanned deficits

5.   council has a strong volunteer management system

Council Opportunities:

1.   council has tremendous potential for more growth in girls and adults

2.   council needs to increase girl retention from 33.7% to closer to the national average of 65.5%

3.   council needs to increase racial/ethnic diversity for girls and adults

4.   council should continue to build revenues from sources besides product sales

Next Steps

Fund development is critical in increasing the reliance on other revenue streams and will be critical to move forward.

I want to thank you for all you do to make this work possible.   Clearly, we have many things to celebrate and appreciate your investment in this endeavor.



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