Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone


This past week I had a chance to watch girls at camp. That is the best part of my job, watching girls move out of their comfort zone and grow. It is always amazing to see the really young ones, who are a tad unsure, see their older counterparts step up and try things. The next thing you know, they are in the tent, putting their things away. Spiders don't bother them. Wading into the lake, where they can't see their feet, isn't terrifying, even if they can't swim. A canoe, which on first entry feels very tippy, becomes a way to get around, get exercise and watch fish. Isn't being outdoors simply amazing, so much more challenging and interesting than playing their video games or watching television.

I was especially interested in how the girls would handle the zip lines. This is the first year; it involves lots of equipment and frankly, some courage. You get into the harness, it is tightened up, and then there's the helmet, not a fashion statement of any type. You wait for your turn, which seems to take a long time. Once up on the platform you decide when to go. We had one girl stand there for at least 7 minutes, summoning the courage to step off and take the plunge. Off she went, shrieking and screaming all the way down the cable, laughing all the way. What a sense of accomplishment to face your fears and win.

If you want to enjoy the zip lines too, you can click here, or go to Montgomery Advertiser, under Media click on Video and watch Camp Sunshine Girls Ride Zip Lines.



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