It's Time for Commencement


This is the time of year when Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance march can be heard in the air.   People are moving on, they are moving toward their future, their goals, and hopefully, achieving their dreams.  

I used to sit at graduation exercises watching students cross the stage and think, I'm glad this one is moving on.   While most of them provoked the thought, this one will be moving out of my daily life and existence, and I will miss them.   I imagine that many of you have the same thoughts about the girls in your care.   Some of you will remember the challenges, helping girls face their demons and move out of their comfort zones.  

As they bridge to the next level, move to a new troop or move out into the world, there is a sadness coupled with an exhilaration that life is moving all too fast.   A few weeks ago a very kind volunteer sent me the nicest note outlining the council staff that she really appreciated and thanked me for their good work.   As your girls face their next adventure, move on to different challenges, and have the confidence and courage to move out of their comfort zones, it is important to know that you have played an important part in their life.   You have helped make them a person with character.   Remember, commencement is a beginning, not an end.   Thank you for all you do.



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