What's the Strategy?


This is the time of year when we start planning for next year.   It seems way too early for that, since we are still in the midst of this year, and  I'm not sure graduation is clearly in sight yet.   But this is when the planning starts.  

We collect feedback from volunteers on SNAP about the cookie program.   We conduct evaluations at the end of programs, such as Girls Rock Mobile.   Sometimes we use Survey Monkey to solicit your perception of events, like the annual meeting.   We use that data and feedback, as well as staff experience, to formulate plans for the coming year.

Our strategic direction is always the same from year to year.   Our board of directors, at its very first meeting four-and-a-half years ago, determined the direction; it is GIRLS FIRST.  It is our task each year to serve as many girls as possible.   We work to provide the best leadership experience we can through the curriculum and opportunities we have available.  Each year, as we have funds available, we continue to improve properties for girls to experience more in the outdoors.  It is incumbent on us to use what scarce resources wisely for the greatest number of girls.

Although we are a smaller council than many, we are fortunate to have a number of resources that serve us well.   We have had a communications strategy that has served, as well.   Over time we have tweaked this strategy predicated on your feedback.   GSSA Weekly is meant to be forward looking, focused on upcoming opportunities.   SWAPS is a printed document meant for our constituents, including parents, volunteers, alumnae and benefactors.   We work to leverage as much as we can on line, so you have those materials at your fingertips.   As we work to continue to make improvements, we are interested in your feedback on how to continue to serve GIRLS FIRST.



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