We are So Proud of our Girls


Did you know, girls can do anything?   Well, they can.   I'm always stunned and amazed at what our girls accomplish.  

I was talking to a leader a couple of weeks ago who told me about one of her girls who attending a military academy.   After not liking the school to begin with, she has grown to love it and looks forward to her career in the military.   I believe that many of the abilities she developed as a Girl Scout were put to good use because the skills girls build as Girl Scouts serve them throughout their lives. 

Micha, one of our girls, participated in the "Be It" contest for "Above the Influence," a program designed to discourage the use of drugs.   We were pleased to be informed recently that her slogan was selected as one of the best.   Her entry was "Fly Above All Expectations."   Her slogan went to a New York ad agency to have a design added to it.   It will be used in outdoor advertising in our council.   What a good illustration of  being "girl led."     When you see this billboard, know that it was a Girl Scout -- a girl who can change the world!



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