How do the media shape our world today?


Almost every day, I receive a reminder about the impact of the media on what we think, believe and how we see the world.      A few weeks ago, an Indiana politician felt the need to share his views on how Girl Scouts is ruining the American family.   His comments were "from the internet."   They didn't have much back-up or additional documentation from original sources.   His remarks were picked up on Fox, CNN and other national news outlets.   Of course, this set some phones ringing to troop leaders, service unit managers and our offices.

It was news to me that Girl Scouts was anti-family.   In fact, we work hard at having events that involve as many as we can within the confines of our insurance limitations. So, I would like to provide a brief outline for parents, troop leaders, and service unit managers about this council and its policies.

GSSA doesn't have a relationship of any kind with Planned Parenthood.   We don't talk to them, do any programs with them, send them any funds or accept any funds from them.   There is no relationship between GSSA and Planned Parenthood - period.

GSUSA has said multiple times that it does not have a relationship with Planned Parenthood.   Further, Planned Parenthood also denies having any relationship with GSUSA.

GSSA doesn't participate in any sex education.   We believe those discussions are best left for families and their church community.   The programs we present and materials we use don't address sex education.

Anna Marie Chavez, the new GSUSA CEO is a practicing Roman Catholic.   Because there has been an increasingly tenuous relationship with the Catholic Church, she has initiated a conversation with staff who works with youth programming to address misunderstandings between GSUSA and the Catholic Church.

The new Journey materials have been reviewed relative to criticisms about third-party websites that advocate for particular perspectives that might not be in concert with GSUSA.   In an effort to address those concerns, any references in the Journey materials that are questionable have been eliminated with replacement references.   These materials are available at the service centers.   Going forward, GSUSA will not reference any third party websites that might not convey messages that mesh with the Girl Scout curriculum.

Anna Marie Chavez, on a recent podcast to Girl Scout staff, provided what I believe is the philosophy under which we operate.   We do not teach girls what to think.   We teach girls to stand up for what they believe in - and we will continue to do so in the future.

For your convenience, here is a printable version of what GSSA stands for.




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