Girl Scouts Go Green! DIY Cleaning Product Recipes

Girl Scouts go Green! As part of our 100th Anniversary celebration, "Girl Scouts Rock Mobile!" the moms will learn how to make homemade cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and economical. Here are the recipes:

DIY Countertop Spray

You will need: one clean unlabeled spray bottle (ones with measurements marked on the side are great!)
                     measuring tools
                     2 C water
                     1/4 tsp your favorite liquid or dish soap (Dawn, Dr. Bronners, etc.)
                     2 tsp borax
                     4 T vinegar
                     optional: a few drops of an antiseptic essential oil such as tea tree, lemon, thyme, peppermint, lavender, cinnamon, clove

Directions: mix ingredients in indicated amounts in your spray bottle, adding the soap last to avoid excessive foaming. Gently shake to mix. Use sharpie to label your bottle clearly. Write recipe on bottle for easy refilling.

Use like regular countertop spray, 

DIY Laundry Powder

note:  A full recipe fits neatly into a 32oz yogurt or take-out container.

You will need: one clean container of your choice that holds at least 16 oz and can easily be scooped out of and relabeled ex: old yogurt or take-out containers, old wide-mouth jar such as mayonnaise, tupperware)
                     measuring tools
                     grater, mixing bowl, mixing spoon
                     4oz (1/2bar) of a clean-rinsing bar soap (ivory, Fels-Naptha)
                     1/2 cup washing soda- sodium carbonate
                     1/2 cup borax
                     optional: a few drops of essential oil
Directions: finely grate soap and combine with other ingredients in a large bowl. stir until soap is well incorporated and you have an even-textured powder. Use sharpie to label container and write recipe on container for easy refilling. Use 1 tablespoon for regular loads or 2 tablespoons for large or heavily soiled loads. 

Bug-repellant Drawer Sachets

You will need: fabric bag of your choice, homemade or store-bought
                     string, sewing thread and needle, or sewing machine
                     any combination of bug repellant herbs, the fresher the better, including:
                      red cedar chips
                      bay leaves

Directions: place herbs inside bag, close bag with method of your choice. place sachets in clothing drawers, sweater chests, or hang on hangers in the closet.

Links for further reading
The internet is chock full of information, some of which is actually true! The very best internet sources include university, government, and research institute websites.   additional green cleaning tips from Good Housekeeping  concise articles from a well-trusted source  Government database of household products listing ingredients and safety information. very comprehensive list of natural cleaning tips and recipes  Now that you have a new appreciation for back-to-the-basics cleaning, why not learn to make soap? This is Girl Scouts after all!



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