What Can a Cookie Do?


The cookies are here!   Happily, we are busy loading them into cars, trucks, and right now there's a U-Haul in the back parking lot.   That's FANTASTIC!   Eric, our new PR director, was working on 45-second videos yesterday on what a cookie can do.  

I was musing on that subject this morning.   A Girl Scout cookie represents the nation's largest and most successful girl entrepreneurial program.   But what does that really mean?   It means that Isabella learns to talk to people she doesn't know about purchasing a box of cookies.   It means that Olivia understands that everyone won't purchase cookies from her.    It means Jasmine learns that, if she sells 300 boxes of cookies, she earns a really cute plush penguin.   Destiny, Kaylee, Emma and Bella, as a group, have planned a trip to Washington, D.C., this summer to ROCK THE MALL!   If they sell enough cookies, it will pay for them to see the country.   Makaly, Serenity, Mabel and Joan have worked for two years to visit the Girl Scout Our Chalet in Switzerland.   All the girls who participate in the cookie program learn about themselves by building confidence, courage, and character.   It's amazing what a cookie can do, really!



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