Time for the Primal Scream!


 Okay, we are almost three weeks into the cookie program. Does it feel like an eternity to you yet?   Have cookies taken over your dreams?   Well, even if that's the case, so far everyone has done excellent work!  

I've tried to talk to as many volunteers as I can while they load cookies, and generally the conversation goes something like, "I was trying to unload cookies to a parent in a parking lot, someone saw the cases, came by and purchased two cases before I got them loaded."   Or my personal favorite, "I sold some cookies to some of my friends; they have now eaten them and are back for more."

Despite any chaos, you have successfully survived the first payment.   We have heard over and over again that, what makes you crazy about this isn't that you need to pay for the cookies, but chasing that errant parent or two in your troop who doesn't pay.   You have to bug them; you have to nag them; you have to call them again, and it makes you CRAZY!   And further, this is the same parent that drops their daughter off late, picks her up late, cancels attending an event the troop has paid for, or worse, forgets to tell you she isn't coming and you sit waiting.   At this point, you are entitled to the PRIMAL SCREAM!

Most of the volunteers I talk to, at some point in the conversation, talk about this very parent, and almost all troops have at least one them.   They are not necessarily apologetic about it.   When you are most frustrated with the hassle, it is this parent that you believe might well just send you over the edge!   SCREAM NOW!

So guess what, you are going to get your reward.   For 30 years I worked in student discipline at a college.   I would meet the student and think, "wow, they are impossible."   When things got really bad with the student, I got to meet their parents.   My conclusion was that, at least with the student, I had a chance for some change.   Too often the child was simply a lesser version of the parents, and some of the parents were pretty scary, and this was a very expensive university.  

You, as a volunteer, are getting the opportunity to change how it turns out.   You are going to do your level best to be sure that girl from the impossible parents doesn't turn into one.   You have made the world a better place.   And thanks for always being patient, always understanding and trying to make the best of a situation that is very hard.   It shows who you really are.   It's okay if you need to SCREAM again, we totally understand. We do it, too. 



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