Making the world a better place through cookies


I was at a meeting last week where we had a troop of Brownies visit to sell us Girl Scout cookies.   They brought paper carnations they had made in green.   Each one went up to those in the room, individually, talked to the person, took their order and returned with money in hand to have the order filled. 


 It was a wonderful thing. The girls were excited about being there, and all the folks in the room were excited to have them there.   The girls were talking to strangers without fear, having a decent exchange of information.   I saw girls counting money and making change with their leader.   There was a lot of learning going on in those conversations.   There also were cases of cookies sold at this encounter, but, more than that, I watched girls learning self confidence.   It takes courage if you are a Brownie to talk to someone you don't know, and by doing so, they are investing in their own education.

I've heard some fun stories about the walkabouts through neighborhoods.   I've also heard stories about people's vicious dogs, not so pleasant responses and how ugly people can sometimes be.   But if you ask, have they learned anything, Daisy through Ambassador, I'm sure the response will be the same -- yes, they have learned.   They know more about themselves, they know more about how to set goals and achieve them, and they are more in tune with what is possible.

So, when you trip over that case of cookies in your house and think you cannot stand to see another one, just remember, those cookies have the power to change the world.   GSUSA estimates that the cookie program generates $700,000,000 across the US annually.    Think what girls can do with that!



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