Taking Action Teaches Our Girls the Most


Taking action ... I was having lunch at the office the other day where some council staff members were discussing the difference between solving problems and giving money to solve problems.   GSUSA prohibits us from giving money to other organizations.  This is their policy that trickles down to us, as a council.   The office discussion was about how confusing this often is to leaders and troops, who want to assist with organizations and issues they are passionate about.    The staff members talked about giving food to those in need vs. the troop raising money for an organization to purchase food for those in need.  

With the policy of not raising funds for other groups, giving food would be considered "taking action," actually finding a way to address the problem.   I know we recognize the distinction here might be fuzzy, but being a Girl Scout is all about identifying community needs - discover, connect resources with community needs - connect, and then take action - meaning providing solutions.

 I used to take college students to Latin America for health projects during spring break.   There is one school of thought that, if we had simply taken all the money used for airfare, lodging and food to send to those in need, the problems may have been solved.   I always contended that, had we just "sent the money," those college students would not have understood those communities.  As a result, the many things the people had to offer provide an experience for those college students that would stay with them for the remainder of their lives.   We hope that as you work with your girls you try to move them to "take action" and experience how hard it is to solve some of our community issues.   Thanks for all you do to discover, connect and take action.



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