Girls Lead By Example, Too


What does girl leadership mean?    I was pleased to be asked to Auburn at the end of last week to attend a Silver Award ceremony.   I always enjoy these, as it provides a chance to celebrate what we do as Girl Scouts.   This was an exceptional group of girls who did a number of really great projects to earn that award.   I was touched with this group especially because they went out of their way to include the younger girls in all they did. 

 During the flag ceremony, they showed one of the younger girls how to take part.   After the ceremony, I saw them go out of their way to include the younger girls in the celebration.   It was a beautiful thing.   As I ponder on the many programs and activities we have, I am encouraged when I see a group like this illustrating by everything they do what it means to be a leader.   As we continue to make changes in programs and other activities to maximize our impact, it will be focused on avenues where older girls can hone their leadership skills with their younger counterparts to lead by example.



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