Casting Call -- Have a Girl Scout Party on TV!


We received news about casting  for a new series on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) called "Super Saver Showdown" that will be taking place around Biloxi, Mobile, and Pensacola.  They are looking for families who would like to throw a party, for any occasion, on a budget. Specifically, they are looking for a family to host a "Girl Scout/Boy Scout" themed party.

 If you are interested, or know any families, keep reading. They begin shooting soon, so spread the word!

Super Saver Showdown:

A new TV show on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) is looking for DYNAMIC & ENERGETIC families!  Looking for families in the Mobile, Pensacola, and Biloxi areas.

Are you a family who wishes they could throw a special party for a member of your family? Are you missing the money, time, & creativity needed to throw a great party?

Please email us and tell us all about your family and the special party you would like to throw for your loved one. Make sure to include a picture and tell us why your loved one is so amazing and deserving of this party.

Please include the following:

1) A picture of your entire family

2) List of names and ages of each family member.

3) A picture of your home, including the area for the party - (must own or rent a home - apartment rentals won't work for this show but a friend's home could work if they are willing to have us film for three days)

5) Briefly describe each member of your family and what makes them unique - remember, we are looking for big fun personalities!

6) Describe the party you are interested in having - this show is about helping you to plan a great event on a limited budget (we supply the budget)

7) Why is it difficult for you to throw the party? (no time? financially strapped- not good at


8) If this party is for a specific person tell us why they are deserving - what special reasons do they deserve this party?


** If chosen, families would need to be available for 3 full days of filming in your home this fall. Location fees will be provided.

Please send info to:




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