Fall Product Sale: Easier Than Ever for Troops to Earn Funds


Do you think it's too much work to participate in the Fall Product Sale?   

Actually, we have been working to make the fall product sale easier, so if it sounds too much like cookie chaos, think again.   This sale is done via an order sheet, much like the cookie pre-sale.    We have changed vendors, because I was even confused about what software to get on last year to make an order.  We felt it needed to be easier, since you are doing many other important things.   We have put incentives in the program, hopefully giving the girls some reason to get involved.   

The proceeds from the sale go to the troop, so it provides some early funds for troop operations.   Given the number of troops planning to travel next summer, this is a good opportunity to get some funds early. If you are interested in participating in the fall product sale, it's not too late.  Just contact Cheryl Miller or Teri Eversole, and they'll get you on the right track.



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