Adding Value to the Lives of Girls


Adding value ... isn't that what it's all about?   I had a rather lengthy and difficult encounter with someone we do business with last week.   It became increasing evident that, not only what we needed wasn't going to get done, but other things we needed from this business were getting tangled up.   I went home that evening talking to myself and asking, why do we do even business with them?   Really, I wanted them to do what they are supposed to do; that is my job, to assure the girls' funds are spent equitably and for the greatest good.   What I wanted this group to do was add value, do what they agreed to do and do it well.   We use them because they add value, so when they don't, I start asking is this the right group.  

What you do for girls is add value.   We know girls will play, talk to one another, learn from each other and grow up.   They can do that without being Girl Scouts.  What you bring to their childhood experience is adding value.   You assist them in connecting the dots between what they are taught and what they experience.   You teach them what "on my honor, I ..." means.   You assist girls with challenges, teach them to solve problems and "make the world a better place."   We appreciate how you contribute to the next generation by adding value to the lives of others.



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