Unmet Expectations Can Be Opportunities


Coping with frustration ... Have you ever had a really bad day?   Have you gone to something and not had your expectations met?   Did you want something very much and not get it?   As adults, we have had to cope with all these things.   And we're lucky that someone, our role model, taught us how to do that. 

Role models come in good and bad examples.   I can remember situations as a child where I saw an adult respond to something, and thought to myself, when I grow up, I'm not going to do something like that.   When I was in higher education, I used to worry that today's college students were not well equipped to go out into the "real world."   Their parents would call and talk to me about concerns, when, in fact, many of those students were 21 years old. They were adults and had a voice.   I used to be more interested in what students said to me than their parents.   I wanted them to share their concerns.   As an educator, I paid more attention to their concerns than many of their parents.  

In Girl Scouting, we want our girls to have voice.   We want them to be able to cope with the frustrations, unmet expectations and experiences that come their way.   The Girl Scout Leadership Experience stretches girls.   It moves them out of their comfort zone to try to do things they might not otherwise try.   If sometimes they fail, which they do, these are also teachable moments.   As a role model and leader, you have the ability to turn a bad situation into a learning experience.   We won't always get what we want.   Life is a roller coaster of wonderful things, and unmet expectations, disappointments and challenges.   Hopefully, as the adult in their world, you are able to assist girls in how to respond to life's hard knocks with courage, confidence and character.



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