Our next 100 years: New Programs, New Products, New Technology

liz_brent.jpgAfter summer camp is over, we take some time to catch our breath and start planning for fall.   The time between camp and school beginning isn't long, but we have been busy, working toward everyone having a fantastic 100th anniversary year!   The membership staff had their retreat, and they are off and running, working to increase the number of girls whose lives are changed through interaction with our wonderful volunteers and opportunities being a Girl Scout has to offer.   The council goal for girl members is 9,500 this year.   Although secretly, the membership staff is aimed at 10,000!

We have made some positive changes in our fall product sale.   For starters, we've added a component for those who have new troops, so they can sell magazines after the sale to raise funds if they are formed after fall product is completed.   We've also changed the vendor and added incentives for girls who are top sellers to that program.

The cookie program is moving to a direct sale, which we hope will be easier on our volunteers.   We made this change to cut steps out of the sale process, and the majority of the feedback we've received on that discussion has been positive.    We have worked to address the comments that shared concerns about that change.   For that program, we've added incentives for adults who work with this, since many of you do a great deal of work to make that program a success.

We are fortunate to have both purchased and received lots of equipment this summer to enrich the girls' experience.   We have a bass boat, sailboats, stand up paddle boards and GPS units.   The next task on my list is to get that out, so the girls can use these items during the course of the year.    All of this was used during the summer, and the girls gave all of it rave reviews.   So those who didn't get a chance to attend summer camp should have an opportunity to test their skills, as well.

This is the year of the 100th anniversary.   As usual, we have great programs planned for the year, but there are added programs because of the 100th anniversary celebrations, making it even more special.   We hope you are as excited as we are for a fantastic year for the girls!



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