Who are the Mariners and what do they do?

liz_brent.jpgWe have re-established the Mariner troop, which has been inactive for many years.  This group of girls enjoys boating and being on the water.    Their main emphasis is on learning to sail and honing their sailing skills.   Last summer, the older girls raised funds all year and took a weeklong sailing trip down the Florida Keys.   What an experience!    Each spring and fall they have a sailing weekend; sometimes we use the Florida Panhandle facilities on Perdido Bay, other times we use Kamp Kiwanis.   I heard the sailing weekend this spring at Kamp Kiwanis had 31 participants, and Lake Martin was beautiful with all our boats out on it.   We have been fortunate that, as the word has spread, we have received donations of larger sailboats that people no longer use.
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The Tukabatchee Boy Scouts from Montgomery gave us a Capri and Flying J.   Another person gave us a Flying Scot, which is a really neat little boat.   Two weeks ago, we had a physician give us a 27-foot O'Day sailboat that sleeps 6.   After the sailing resident camp this summer, we will work on getting the new sailboat available, so, if your troop wants a different experience, they can spend the night on a sailboat in the cove at Kamp Kiwanis.  Sailing is a lifetime sport and one that provides a great deal of fun and energy.   Hopefully, those girls who want to explore a different outdoor sport will consider joining the Mariners.   They are working on going out on the water more often, in addition to these structured opportunities.   For additional information, contact Liz Carnahan at ekcarnahan@comcast.net.   There are still slots open for the sailing resident camp, but you must be able to swim and comfortable canoeing.



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