Fun in the sun!!!!!

liz_brent.jpgWe have had the chance this summer to spend time at both Camp Scoutshire Woods and Kamp Kiwanis watching those who attend have a great time!   We have seen the girls do fun things like learning to ride on horseback and mastering the intricate balance of a stand up paddle boat.    Because of a successful cookie sale, we were able to purchase a number of new boats, paddleboards and other equipment to enhance the camp experience for our girls. 

Although in February KampKIwanis Paddleboardsour camp numbers were ahead of where they were last year, when it came time for camp, the number of campers actually declined from last year.  We have been wondering why this has
happened, and ask that, if you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know.  We assume many girls are saving their cookie bucks for 100th anniversary trips, but we are trying to determine if there are other things we can do to attract more girls to camp.  Kamp Kiwanis has five air-conditioned buildings, so beating the heat is easy to do.   There is a new camp director there this year Dana Jones, who is a familiar face to many and an experienced service unit manager from Citronelle.   The focus of that camp is aquatics, archery, environmental awareness and science.   Anna Marie Phelps returned as the long-time camp director at Scoutshire Woods.   Last year they built a huge teepee, and this year they intend to build a larger one.   We had open slots in the Camp Scoutshire horse camps, which is a very unusual thing, so we are wondering how to increase our enrollments.  If you have thoughts or suggestions, please let us know at   Thanks.



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