What is the Girl Scout Leadership Experience?


liz_brent.jpgWhat is GSLE?   So, what is the Girl Scout Leadership Experience?   That is the new acronym for what you do with your girls.   As you may be aware, GSUSA has a new branding effort, working to make the brand more relevant to today's girls.   You might have seen some of the ads, one with a young girl explaining to her father on the beach why the sky is blue; she learned it in Girl Scouts.   There are new program materials, with new colors and badges coming out in the fall.   We are all engaged in a concerted effort to sharpen the perception of what you do to build girls into leaders for our future.  

I was telling a friend the other day, many of the adults I have the opportunity to interact with are incredible individuals.   They are able to juggle their work life, home life, and still have time to invest in a group of girls as a role model and leader.   Most can do things I could never imagine doing.   The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is you; each time you interact with the girls, providing them with the best that you have to offer so they will be happy, contributing adults.   It is an amazing thing to watch.   Thank you for being a leader.



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