A Careful Soul


liz_brent.jpgThere's a fine line between encouragement and criticism.  I had a boss who once said, "if you are doing an evaluation, you need to say four positive things for every negative comment so the person can actually hear the negative comments."   But those comments are made to improve performance. As an adult, I can still recall criticism that I felt was unjust or given in error even today. 

It is important to recognize how important our words and deeds are to the children we work with.  Melinda Wilson, our fund development staff person, gave a very poignant thanks to the volunteers attending a spaghetti fundraiser this week. Part of that was a poem written by Ley Cash from the San Gorgonio Girl Scout Council.

A Careful Soul

A careful soul I have to be,

A little Girl Scout follows me.

To a narrow path I must stay,

For if I don't she too will stray.

I must choose my deeds with care.

For all I do, she too, will dare.

My worlds I guard and softly speak

And I must love the strong and the weak.

Oh, I must be fair, from the start.

And boldly lead with a steady heart.

In all I say and all I do.

I promise to strive to be true.

Because you know

Where're I go

A careful soul I have to be.

A little Girl Scout follows me!

These words remind us of how important our words and actions are to the girls we serve, and that in everything we do, we must remember that a little girl always is watching.



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