It's Cookie Time!


liz_brent.jpgIt's COOKIE TIME!   I was talking to some friends over the holidays about the cookie sale.   Actually, when you aren't in the middle of it, it is truly amazing.   It is one of the world's most successful entrepreneurial programs and actually was a precursor to most of what they call entrepreneurship in today's college classrooms.   Aren't there some things we could teach them?

Our goal this year is to exceed last year's cookie sale, which was excellent.   We have about 100 more girls involved, so that should help.   Last year, because of the success of the sale, we were able to buy more equipment for our camp properties, repair and replace a few roofs, correct the roads at Camp Scoutshire Woods and add program materials for girls to use and learn from.

So far, the sale is going well.   The press reps have done an OUTSTANDING job getting the media kits to the media.   It was amazing how many articles and television spots we have had so far!   Thank you to those girls and their families for EXCELLENT work getting the word out often and early.

We are trying to put more people behind the scenes to assist in making this as smooth a sale as possible.   But, if you have good ideas on ways it can be increased and enhanced, let us know.



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