Upcoming Cookie Sale

liz_brent.jpgWe always try to estimate our finances from one year to the next, which is not an easy thing to do when about 75% of our budget is predicated on the cookie sale.   Last year the cookie sale was OUTSTANDING!   We were able to pay the bills, fix some of the things that were broken and buy some new equipment for the girls to use.   

We are always hopeful that we will do as well this year as we did last year.   We changed cookie bakers, and have more confidence in this baker than our previous one.   The attention they have paid to us has been excellent.   They are responsive and eager to build our sale, since our success is their success.   We did three times more cookie training sessions all around the council, so if you are not computer literate, we can make you feel comfortable working with the SNAP cookie software.   

With tough economic times, the Gulf oil spill and other challenges, selling cookies might not be as easy for many, but we want your girls to have every opportunity to maximize their time with this entrepreneurial program.    Hopefully, we can continue to build on the success of last year.



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