Gold Girl Scout? What do YOU think?

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Many councils believe that the Gold Award has the prestige and deserves the same level of recognition as that of a BSA Eagle Scout. They believe that those who earn the Gold Award need to be consistently called by a single name that is instantly recognizable as one of the highest achievement.  They are proposing that the name Gold Girl Scout be used, and that we no longer use "Gold Award recipient" to describe our Gold Girl Scouts, because they do not receive the award, they earn it.

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I agree with the councils. The Gold Award is/should be the Girl Scouts equivalent to the Boy Scouts Eagle Scout Award. But I also think that even the title 'Gold Girl Scout' does not do justice to what that award is supposed to signify. When you hear the words 'Eagle Scout' it automatically brings to mind a person of great character and leadership and most people react with a 'WOW' response, even if they've never had any involvement in scouting. But, although the Girl Scout that earns the Gold Award can receive 50 points for listing it on her college applications (as do Eagle Scouts), not many folks have any idea what a Gold Award is. I think the award deserves a better name that gives it the same 'WOW' factor; and more importantly, the girls who earn it, the same recognition as their brother Eagle Scouts.



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