Troop 8547 goes to space camp


8547_huntsville.jpgA lot of team work, determination, hard work, and great parent participation!  That's what it takes to pull off a wonderful trip (like ours) to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville.  The girls of Troop 8547 (pictured right) raised in just under 2 years $7,000 through cookie sales, fall product sales, and fundraisers to fund this all inclusive trip (souvenirs included) they will never forget. 


The girls spent three days at space camp learning space flight history, space shuttle piloting, space station operations and mission control to fly a simulated space mission including space walks.  Then the girls spent 3 days learning to take off, fly and land a fighter jet in aviation camp.  The girls also learned survival skills and teamwork (the teamwork was the easy part for them) to wrap up their week crawling in the dark on their bellies in the woods through the dirt and mud in a game against another team.  We (yes, the 3 adults participated as well) did not win the challenge, but it was fun trying!


Robin M. - Leader

Junior Troop #8547



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