Take your daughter to the polls June 1


With the upcoming primary elections June 1, I thought it would be a good time to teach Girl Scouts the importance of voting.  An article in the 2006 Leader Magazine says:


Many Girl Scout councils have incorporated some form of advocacy into their program models and public policy efforts. For example, "I Promised a Girl Scout I'd Vote" developed by the Girl Scouts, Patriots' Trail Council in Massachusetts teaches girls about the election process and the importance of voting.


Take our daughters to the polls is a White House Project to encourage girls that they are a valuable part of the political process.  The website says:


The U.S. currently ranks an astounding 71st in the world in women's political representation. Women leaders make up just 17% of the Senate, 24% of state legislatures, and 17% of big city mayors. With so few women to emulate, young girls are going to have a hard time believing that they can make a difference in politics when they grow up.


Today's Girl Scouts are learning to use their voices to make a difference, and they want the adults in their lives to do the same by being politically engaged. Model the way for girls by taking the time to research the candidates and issues this election season and then going to the polls to cast your vote!



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