Register for the 2010-2011 year now: Perks included!


200910 was a fantastic year for the girls. We had fun and educational programs throughout southern Alabama and are planning many more this year.


We encourage you to register your troop early for the coming year (download the Spring Registration Packet for all the details). This helps take some of the chaos out of the fall when many other things are happening. It also entitles you and your girls to special treats, including:

·         A tote bag with brand new Girl Scout logo is available to the first 75 leaders who register 75% of their troop.

·         Day o' camp is at the end of resident camp this year, so many of the resident camp staff will be at the program.

·         Discounted water park tickets


If you're going to register for the 2010-2011 membership year, you may as well get all the perks by registering early!  


Below are the new tote bags - they'll be available in July once we can put on the brand new logo.




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