Oil Spill Threat - Volunteers Needed

A beach after an oil spill.

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Thank you Girl Scout Volunteer Sandra Grice for sending us this information.  This is a horrible situation, but it could be used to teach our girls about this type of environmental disaster, while learning the importance of community service.

As we all know there is a high probability now that we will be effected by the oil spill off the coast of Louisiana.  As a local environmental organization, Southeastern Wildlife Conservation Group is in contact with US Fish and Wildlife, Alabama Division of Natural Resources and Mobile Bay NEP on a daily basis offering any and all assistance that can be provided. 

At this time we are on standby as these organizations await expert help with this type of environmental disaster and it has been decided what actions will have to be taken.  In an effort to be proactive we would like to go ahead and ask any who would be willing to volunteer their time in the event that a cleanup does occur to go ahead and sign up.  We will make a master list of volunteers and have this available not only for Southeastern Wildlife Conservation Group but also to any of the organizations seeking volunteers.  
Please forward this to any you think would be interested in volunteering their time.  Let's hope and pray these measures will not be needed but at the same time let's be prepared if we do have to act!
To volunteer, contact:
Shannon Ready, volunteer with Southeastern Wildlife Conservation Group

Also, thank you to volunteer Desiree Bishop for letting us know about this volunteer opportunity:

The Environmental Studies Center needs volunteers (minimum age 18) to help with Wildlife Rescue (some activities may include cleaning birds). Call 251-221-5000 and leave your name and phone number if you would like to help.

If your troop is planning on volunteering to clean up, please contact Molly Smart at 800-239-6636, extension 1402.

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