Girl Scouts Helping in Haiti


Girl Scouts are reaching out a helping hand to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. In order to aid in national disaster relief, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) has allowed for Girl Scouts to partake in activities to raise money, including the solicitation of money. This fundraising period is open from January 14 until September 8, 2010.


The money raised may only be donated to the following approved agencies; The American Red Cross, Pan American Development Foundation, UNICEF, Oxfan, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, Doctors Without Borders, The UN World Food Programme, CARE, The International Rescue Committee, World Vision and United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund.


It is now possible for the girls to raise as much money as possible for relief funds and serve as an opportunity to help the people of Haiti. In a time of loss, and suffering for the country of Haiti, it is important we offer help.


Organizations such as CARE are not just giving supplies, they are reaching out and encouraging members of the community to assist them with distribution. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have been asked to help distribute food and supplies.  Patrick Solomon, Senior VP of Global Support Services at CARE said, "perhaps the most inspiring sight was of young girl and boy scouts helping maintain order...They stood guard to help control the anxious people gathering outside." Watch the video to see Girl Scouts help distribute hygiene kits in Haiti.



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