Religious Awards Help Girls Explore Their Faith


Religious awards programs are available to girls via the Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y.) organization.  Through the P.R.A.Y. award program, each participating Girl Scout will earn the religious emblem for her specific faith and age level. 


The goal of P.R.A.Y., which has programming in place for more than 40 denominations, is to help young people develop a deeper relationship with God and to understand how God is active in their lives and in the world around them. These awards are ordered at (not through Girl Scouts).  To get the age level program overviews along with other helpful information, visit  


Highlights of the program:

  • Includes awards/emblems that are approved for wear on the official uniforms of the Boy Scouts of America & Girl Scouts of the USA.
  • Is an interdenominational resource, which means that all denominations use the standard curriculum.  The curriculum allows each church to introduce the unique characteristics of their denomination.
  • Consists of four different programs based on grade level. 
  • Offers an Adult Mentor component for parents.



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