Welcome to Girl Scouts, Evie


This is the first article in a series by our public relations intern, Evie.  She's new to Girl Scouting, and as she participates in different Girl Scout activities, she'll share her fresh perspective with us.  Evie is an unpaid intern, and this her last class before she graduates from Auburn University in August.  We appreciate all that Evie (pictured with Tatyana from Camp Sunshine) is doing for Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama. 

Evie.JPGThe ironic thing about working for the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama is that I was never a Girl Scout. I didn't know the different between Brownies and Cadettes, or that they sold anything other than Girl Scout cookies.  

           My first real "Girl Scout" experience was attending two days of Camp Sunshine.  Camp Sunshine is a week-long day camp for 75 girls who live in the Montgomery Public Housing Communities.  Each day there are planned activities for the girls giving them the opportunity to do things they normally wouldn't.

                Monday, June 1, the girls went to the Montgomery Zoo and picnicked outside.  Wednesday, June 3, the girls visited the Alabama Shakespeare Festival to learn about acting and to try on costumes. They also attended a basketball camp one day, had various arts and crafts sessions and spent Thursday night at Kamp Kiwanis.

                Accompanying these girls and watching them have these wonderful experiences made me wish that I had become a Girl Scout when I was younger.  I believe becoming a Girl Scout is a very important growing experience that every girl should try. Or at least think about.  Not only do they make lifelong friends, but they get to go to the coolest places and do the coolest things.  Not many people can say they've tried on costumes with three talented young actors!

                Besides doing some pretty exciting things, the girls learn important life skills and have good role models to look up to.  I am looking forward to spending more time with the Girl Scouts this summer and hope that I can enjoy the privilege of being a Girl Scout through their experiences.



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