Girl Scouts Participating in National Public Lands Day Encouraged to Monitor Water


First 100 to Register for NPLD and World Water Monitoring Day will Receive Free Test Kit

Hopefully we are all familiar with the saying, "Water is life."  While true, this phrase could be improved--"Clean water is life."  In the United States and throughout the developed world, people tend to take the availability of clean water for granted.  We turn on a faucet and have water to drink, we dive into a lake and don't get ill--for the most part.  How is this possible?

Throughout the U.S., groups of volunteers dedicate their time to monitoring the quality of the nation's waterways.  If something doesn't look quite right, they investigate and may eventually seek action from environmental agencies to identify and solve the problem.  What are these water quality monitors looking for? 

While conducting a river clean-up, or working in a park near a body of water for National Public Lands Day (NPLD), why not seize the opportunity to learn a little bit about water quality?  It's easy--simply register for World Water Monitoring Day as well, and order an easy-to-use water quality test kit.  Monitor your waterway (along with tens of thousands of others around the globe) and then report your data.  Information for how to do this can be found at

In order to encourage more NPLD groups to also take part in World Water Monitoring Day, the program is offering a FREE water test kit to the first 100 groups that register on the WWMD website and identify themselves as being associated with National Public Lands Day. 

For more information about WWMD or the free test kit offer, please contact Lorien Walsh at



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