Cookie Bites: 2009-2010 Council Cookie Baker Chosen

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After much consideration, we have signed a one-year contract with Little Brownie Bakers to provide cookies for the 2010 cookie sale.  We appreciate the input that all of you provided regarding our choice of cookie bakers, particularly those who attended the presentations by ABC Bakers.  We were impressed by the staff at ABC and the product they provide.  However, we decided to go with Little Brownie because of concerns about the new cookie online ordering system that ABC will debut this year.


Please know that we are continuing to assess this situation so that we may provide the best cookie selling opportunities to our girls.  We will take a look again at both cookie bakers following the 2010 sale.


Thanks for letting us know!

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the 2009 Cookie Season and we love the clipart that Brownie Bakers has! Thanks for the update! -Jen Graham-Troop 9303



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