A performance by the Israeli Scouts


Great opportunity from the Mobile Area Jewish Federation - a musical performance by the Israeli Scouts!

Monday, July 6, at the Main Library, Burnheim Hall, 701 Government St.

About Tzofim Friendship Caravan

The Friendship Caravan consists of four traveling groups, 5 male and 5 female 17-year-old Tzofim (Israel Scouts) in each, who crisscross North America each summer as emissaries, sharing their lives in Israel through song, dance and story.  Participants are chosen after undergoing an extensive auditioning and interviewing process, ensuring that above all, they are true representatives of Israeli culture and spirit.  In 2008, the Tzofim Friendship Caravan reached 35 states, including 250 camps, community centers, churches, senior homes and schools, performing for an audience totaling nearly 100,000 people.


Each teen in the Friendship Caravan, like all 100 Delegation members visiting North America, is a member of the 60,000 member strong Tzofim (Israel Scouts) Movement which, in turn, is part of the International Scouting movement. The Tzofim Movement is the only non-political and non-sectarian youth movement in Israel. Each Delegate must exhibit leadership capabilities, a high level of scouting and extensive knowledge of Israeli and Jewish history.


For more information about the Israeli Scouts visit: http://www.israelscouts.org/ and click on: Tzofim Friendship Caravan.


For more information about the performance in Mobile, contact Shir Mnuchin at (251) 656-8294.



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