Thanks for all your hard work!


I had the opportunity to attend an end-of-the-year tea last weekend, my first tea since I was in a sorority in college.   It was a beautiful day, and the girls were stunning in their matching dresses, hair bands and hats.   The tables were set with wedding china and silver tea service. One of the leaders gave us a great talk on tea parties, their history and some points on etiquette, which was a lot of fun.   We proceeded to have a delightful afternoon together.


Having worked 30 years in higher education, graduation time always brought some melancholy.   Some of those students would march across the stage out of my life.   There would be some who would stay in touch and others I would never see again, even though I might have interacted with them daily for four years.


This celebration had that same feeling.   This service unit had five girls who were graduating from high school and going on to college and their journey in life.   All the girls from this service unit signed their graduation cards, illustrating the circle of friends created by Girl Scouts.    One of the leaders spent about a week making pearl bracelets for each girl attending the afternoon tea.    As they were given the pearl bracelets, which were a big hit, they were told the story of Juliette Low and her pearls.    Each part of the event reminded me how every leader that spoke that day was an educator.    Each one took the time, like Juliette to sacrifice something so these girls can have some life-changing experiences.

Thank you for all you do for the girls of our council!


Liz Brent, Ph.D.




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