Let's celebrate our Leaders

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Girl Scouts honor their leaders on Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day, April 22 (during National Volunteer Week). These devoted leaders unselfishly

donate their time and energy to plan and lead fun and educational troop meetings and outings for the members of their troops. Girl Scout leaders

possess caring hearts and creative minds, doing everything within their power to help expand the girls' horizons, giving them countless

opportunities they normally would not come across. These experiences can range anywhere from organizing programs for special needs

individuals to community services to learning about various cultures of the world at an international fair to grooming horses on a farm. These

seemingly tireless leaders dedicate themselves year round to helping girls develop into self-assured, resourceful young women.


For those of you who have a daughter in Girl Scouting, please take a moment to think about their leader (or leaders). Think about how at each

troop meeting the leader is prepared to have your daughter experience new challenges and gain positive skills for the future. Think about the

amount of time the leader devotes to preparing for meetings and field trips while balancing her own family, career and other time constraints.

These women make such a difference in the lives of girls. They are essential to making Girl Scouting the outstanding and successful program

it is known to be. There can never be enough of these amazing women.


We invite you to comment below and recognize your Leader and Co-Leaders, and let them know how much you appreciate all that they do.


I love Girl Scout volunteers! So many of them work full time, raise families, and still find the time and energy to give their troops great Scouting experiences. Ya'll are my heroes!

I appreciate Angela Chathom, she is the best co-leader anyone could ask for. She does any task asked of her and I know it will be done to completion. She is a great friend. I am lucky to know her and to have her as my co-leader!

Luv ya Angela!!!!

I would like everyone to know that Troop 9167 in Dothan has a wonderful leader, Ms. Dianne Montgomery. Dianne is a devoted leader and conducts semi-monthly meetings and is always introducing our girls to new experiences. She provides our girls with motivation, encouragement, and a positive atmosphere. Amazingly she does all of this and is a single mother raising triplets and holds down a full time job! If that's not dedicated I don't know what is! Thanks Dianne for all you do. You are appreciated!

Terressa (GS mom)

I think Mrs Toni Dewberry is doing a GREAT job with troop #9296 of Elba. Mrs Toni is a very busy woman, and she still finds time to be a Girl Scout Leader along with other organizations that she is involved in. The girls of troop #9296 range from Daisys to Ambassadors. So, Mrs. Toni really has her hands full with this bunch of opionated girls!
Thank you Mrs. Toni for helping to mold my daughter into a strong, resourceful young lady.

I comment on Debbie Kasper in Enterprise for doing a wonderful job with the Cadets. She finds the time and energy to give the girls experience in a variety of activities. She is also a devoted leader that would do whatever it takes to make sure her scouts are taken care of. She motivates and encourages the girls in a way that is very pleasing and understanding. She's just a great leader. Couldn't ask for better.

Juanita Jackson (Daniel's Mom)

Julie Sobebee with troop 7238 works extremely hard planning fun events with our troop. I want to thank her for her hard work and dedication. Schedules can be hectic sometimes.

Belinda Jellison, Maria Cote', Becci Benson, and Launa are wonderful leaders. Great job! My daughters and I really appreciate all that you do!!!

I appreciate the leaders of Troop 9041 (Ms. Marie, Ms. Wendy, Ms. Cheri and Ms. Branddi). We’ve taken the opportunity to make leaders of our daughters by being leaders ourselves. I think the girls of Troop 9041 have all grown in positive ways because of your dedication. God Bless. Sincerely Yours, Ms. Leovetta “Cookie”

I would like to thank Melissa Chisholm of Troop 8158. She is doing a GREAT job. She is a wonderful person and my daughter is having a blast being in her troop!

Thanks Melissa!!!!

Thank you Tamara Alvarado & Angela Drown this year & in years past. You have been great leaders, co-leaders and general all around volunteers. With all your help, it has made my last year not as stressful. I couldn't have done it without you ladies. You're the best!

Debbie Kasper
Troop 9341 - Enterprise, AL

To the volunteers in Service Unit 823: You are the greatest! Girls are growing in character and courage because of the tremendous things you do. Continue to mold young ladies from the girls and our world WILL be a better place. THANKS!

In Auburn we have an AWESOME Service Unit Team of (15+) volunteers who are also busy wives, moms, career women, trainers and GS leaders. These women (and men) team up to plan lots of amazing Service Unit events for our girls and we often invite other service units to join us too. We do our own fall recruiting events, Trick-or-Treat for the Food Bank, celebrate Juliette Low's Birthday, participate in Auburn's Christmas Parade, CityFest, annual Habitat-for-Humanity Cookie Walk, Thinking Day tour of countries, Service Unit Camporees, Trips, Badge Workshops, Day Camps, Court of Awards & Bridging Ceremony, and we even have a Cookie Team (5) that coordinates our knockout Cookie Sale! These volunteer are fabulous role models for our girls and they represent the heart and soul of Girl Scouting! Thanks Auburn GS Team !!!

I want to thank all the leaders of Service Unit 804. They are GREAT! Thanks for all you do for the girls and with the girls. Keep up the good work.



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