Helpful Tidbits for Registration Forms


Since many of you will soon be registering for the 2009-10 membership year (to take advantage of all of the perks!), here's some helpful tidbits for filling out registration forms:

On each Adult and Girl Registration Form there is a little box at the bottom of the form on the right.   You do  not have to check anything for category, but please put the council code (307), the troop number (4 digits) and the service unit number (3 digits) on every form.


On the Girl form, the Emergency Contact should be someone other than the parents, who can be contacted in an emergency if the parents are not available.       


On the Adult forms, the position codes are listed in the right hand column of the form. Please put the correct code for adults:

01 for Troop Leader, 02 for Asst Leader, 03 for  Troop Committee Member, etc.  Only adults who complete the leader training courses should be listed as 01's or 02's.  Most parents are going to be listed as 14, which is Member. Some adults may have more than one position if they are a troop leader and also serve in another position.


If you have any questions about Early Registration, contact Lindsey Spear at 800-239-6636, ext: 1102. 



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