Troop Checking Accounts 101


It can be a little scary to be in charge of the troop checking account, especially when the cookie money comes in.  Just remember a few important points:

  • your troop must have a checking account
  • debit cards are NOT allowed
  • checks must have 2 signatures
  • 3 names must be on the checking account (1 of them being a member of the SU team)
  • keep all your receipts and bank statements (and old checks, if your bank returns them)
  • keep your records up to date, in case there is a random review of your account 

Your troop needs to have a Troop Bank Account form on file with the council so they know where your account is held.  If you have any questions about this, please call the council.

There is lots more good information in the Policies and Procedures document found on our web site.  Check it out, and if you have any questions or concerns, give the council a call!



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