Leader Tip: Financial Assistance for Girl Scouts in Need


What do I do if a girl needs help paying for her membership, dues, uniform, event fees, etc.?

 Start by completing the Financial Assistance application that is located under Forms & Resources on our website.  Before sending this form to the council office, please make sure that parents or guardians complete both sides of the Financial Assistance form, including the blank for their "individual" contribution.  Then, the form should be given to the troop leader so she can indicate the troop's contribution and send the form on to the Service Unit Manager to do the same.  Please be mindful that asking for financial assistance can be embarrassing and all requests should be handled respectfully and discreetly.  In most cases, it is not necessary for the girls to know about the request or the arrangements. 

In our SU and in our troops, leaders are encouraged to collect enough dues, seek out sponsorship funds, or set aside a little money from product sales, to use for financial assistance requests.   Our Service Unit also keeps a few extra badge books and sashes around that people pick up at thrift stores or donate, just so we can offer these resources in such instances.

Once the form has been completed by the individual, the troop leader, and the Service Unit Manager, it should be sent to Tonya Howard thoward@girlscoutssa.org in Montgomery. 

Cheryl Miller
Volunteer Liason




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