Take a Healthy Getaway at Fit's Inn!

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fitsinn_brownie.jpgGSUSA is thrilled to announce the launch of Fit's Inn, a multimedia program funded by PepsiCo Foundation that encourages Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors to make smart choices about nutrition and fitness!  Through video episodes and girl-driven experiences, Brownies and Juniors are encouraged to get healthy, team up and take action, by moving away from the couch and onto the soccer field, yoga mat or even into the kitchen.


What will girls discover at Fit's Inn? Imagine the perfect destination where girls "check in" for a healthy getaway full of daily activities that inspire and challenge them to take action. Girls try sports and dance, and even learn yoga - all from girls their own age who act as "personal coaches" in five video episodes. To stay fueled for fun, girls also learn to make healthy meals and snacks. The positive experiences at Fit's Inn will build healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Girls can receive a participation patch for their involvement in Fit's Inn.

  fitsinn_junior.jpg Program components include 5 short videos (7-10 minutes each) and 2 facilitator guides, one for each level, including over 50 activities all on one CD.  Volunteers can download materials from the GSUSA website to learn more about the program. As part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, volunteers will be able to use Fit's Inn right alongside Girl Scout Leadership Journeys for Brownies and Juniors!

 So, check in to Fit's Inn at: http://www.girlscouts.org/fitsinn and help girls build healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

 If you'd like to check out the Fit's Inn DVD, contact Mary Ann Brutkiewicz at 251.344.3330 or mbrutkiewicz@girlscoutssa.orgIf you would have any questions about Fit's Inn, please contact fitsinn@girlscouts.org

 Fit's Inn is funded by the PepsiCo Foundation Grant


Thanks for letting us know about Fit's Inn! It sounds like a great program!

This sounds awesome. I would love to hear about more fitness-related patches for my girls!



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