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While you're getting things together and getting organized for this new Girl Scout year, you will find all the forms you need, on the Council web site.

From the main page, if you click on Forms and Resources, you will find lots of forms and publications under a number of sub-headings.  Under "Programs & Events Forms", there are Single and Multi-event Permission forms, Girl and Adult Health History forms, Overnight Trip forms, etc.  Take a look at the Multi-event Permission form; that's  a very handy organizer that also serves as a record of events that each girl attends throughout the year.  If you already know that your girls will be participating in certain Council or local events like the Christmas Parade, Thinking Day, etc., you can go ahead and type the information onto that form, print a copy for each girl, and have that ready for the parents to sign at your troop parents' meeting this fall. 

Many troop leaders create a folder for each girl, where they place the information that the parents need to sign or pick-up when they arrive at the meeting with their daughters.  That's a great place to keep this form throughout the year.  



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