How long will it take until I feel like I know what is going on?

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That depends on how quickly you complete the training that is offered and how much you take advantage of the help that is available to you.  Most volunteers start to feel like they know what is going on within a few weeks of completing their training.  After that, take advantage of the resource people within your Service Unit and your Council. 

This is a very exciting year in G.S. history.  Councils nationwide have begun the transition to using standardized, consistent training materials and methods, and for your convenience, most training is available to you free and online.  Keep checking the Council website because you will see the updates to the training materials posted there first.


When I first became a leader, I didn't attend Service Unit meetings very often and I was really out of the loop! I think that is the best way for leaders to get ideas and figure out how to do stuff. Besides, it is nice to know the other leaders when you go to Camporee!



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