Cookies, Cookies, Cookies


A great deal of our time is spent with cookies.  This year I watched the cookie sale that had some extraordinary elements and some issues that just didn't work.  There is still volunteer frustration from girls who sold cookies who do not yet have their incentives.  I certainly understand how a girl would be frustrated to receive an incentive four or more months later.  These things are meant to motivate, and rapid feedback is an important element.
We also had delivery issues in some areas of the council.  This is frustrating when you have a booth sale and none of the customers' favorite cookies available.  We are working to have a better sale this coming year.  In an effort to have a great sale in 2009, we have asked both cookie bakers in for additional information and opportunities.
I would like to know how we can improve the sale.  Changing cookie bakers is a part of what is being considered.  I recognize parts of the council are accustomed to the current baker, while others have used both.  I would like your feedback on how to make the 2009 sale successful.  I'm interested in the top 3 issues from your perspective and ideas on how to best address them.

  1. How important is a quick delivery of girl incentives?
  2. Did you have concerns with delivery of cookies in your area?
  3. How important is the ease of use of the online recording keeping?
  4. How important is online training?

Please send your suggestions as soon as possible to
Thank you for your work on behalf of the GIRLS OF SOUTHERN ALABAMA!


Liz Brent, Ph.D.




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