Get Well Soon II

Dear Friends,
I would like to provide a brief update on the condition of those involved in the car accident on June 4.  We had an opportunity to visit with the staff counselor Friday morning, and she looked good.  She was about to be moved to a regular room and will not require any additional surgery, although her recovery will take a number of weeks. 

The camper will undergo surgery again tomorrow as a follow up to what was done on Wednesday night.  She looked much improved from yesterday. 
We shared with both your wishes for a speedy recovery from the council blog.  Those thoughts were much appreciated, as will subsequent wishes and comments on their speedy recovery.

Two of the campers involved in the accident returned to camp on Thursday to finish out the camp session.  We also provided an opportunity for conversation with the campers on what happened with one of our staff who has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.  These can be teachable moments for our girls, so we worked to shape that opportunity.

We appreciate your comments for those involved.  This type of response across the council illustrates the power of support in the healing process.
Liz Brent, Ph.D.



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