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Endangered Species Day

Fri May 18, 8:50 AM
Volunteers, All

The 13th annual national Endangered Species Day will be celebrated at special events and other programs throughout the country on May 18, 2018. 

The purpose of Endangered Species Day is to educate the public about the importance of protecting endangered and threatened species, share success stories of species recovery and highlight everyday actions that individuals and groups can take to protect the nation’s wildlife and the places they call home.

Girl Scouts Opportunities

Endangered Species Day can provide Girl Scouts with an ideal opportunity to learn more about biodiversity, local habitats, and specific endangered and threatened species, and potentially fulfill some of the requirements for the Girl Scouts and the Environment Program, including The Elliott Wildlife Values Project and Girl Scouts Forever Green, in addition to the Earned Awards Program. 

Suggested Endangered Species Day Activities

The type of Endangered Species Day activities that could help Girl Scouts meet Earned Award program requirements include:

*Participating in local community clean-up campaign at wetlands, beach, and other areas.

*Developing an exhibit and activities for a Troop meeting, which the public could attend as well.

*Organizing an activity for Girl Scout Brownies (using various resource materials such as color/activity sheets, available at Endangered Species Day).

*Organizing educational displays at libraries, community buildings.

*Working with environmental organization (Audubon Society, Sierra Club) to promote Endangered Species Day events.

*Assisting with Endangered Species Day exhibits at zoos, museums, parks in your area


Endangered Species Day offers a variety of resources to help with organizing an activity, including a special Toolkit that features information on How to Plan/Host an Event, stickers, bookmarks, coloring/activity sheets, signs, and a passport, many of which can be downloaded and printed. You will also find extensive background material on threatened and endangered species.

Register Your Event

Feel free to highlight your event/activity on the Endangered Species Day activity calendar. Beginning in early April you can register your event on the website or you can send the details to David Robinson, Endangered Species Day Director. Also, please note that individual Girl Scouts can also register their own Endangered Species Day activities (where a more organized event isn't scheduled) on the U.S. map located on the Event Directory/website.