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Camping Skills Certification

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Sat Mar 10, 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Kamp Kiwanis
Mon Nov 13, 12:00 AM - Thu Mar 01, 12:00 AM
Training, Outdoor
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Planning to take the troop camping in 2017-18? You’ll need a camping certified adult to chaperone and help the girls plan their campout.

This blended-learning course consists of two parts, starting with an online prerequisite:

Camping Pre-Course module - Use this handy Answer Page to record your answers. 

Next is the hands-on learning experience at camp, where you will learn to teach the necessary skills so girls can plan and lead their own campout, the Girl Scout Way!

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At camp, you will learn how to teach girls to pack, plan a menu, pitch a tent, tie knots, handle a pocketknife safely, build a proper fire, lash a tripod, cook using a variety of cooking methods, and much more.

 Questions? E-mail Cheryl “River” Miller.