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Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama

Huge thank you to Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama for sponsoring our STEM Water Activities! Thanks to them, our girls were able to learn about water resistance, friction, forward momentum, and how surface color affects surface temperature. All in a fun and safe environment! 

Summer Camp

Our properties host camping and outdoor activities, which remain a favorite for girls at every age, as they have been throughout Girl Scout history. In the summer, we offer the opportunity to attend one of our resident or sail away camps. Throughout the year, troops can conquer our zip lines and water craft activities, camp in lodges and tents, learn outdoor and survival skills, and discover nature.  Register by May 1.


New Camp Additions


Scoutshire Woods

Pony Tails, Equestrienne &  Trail Masters - June 9-14, 2019 OR June 16-21, 2019

Mystery Camp Adventures - June 9-14, 2019 OR June 16-21, 2019

Mini-Brownie & Mini-Junior - June 9-11, 2019 OR June 16-18, 2019

Kamp Kiwanis

Sail Away Camp -  July 7-12, 2019

Mystery Camp Adventures - June 23-28 OR July 7-12, 2019

Mini-Brownie &  Mini-Junior - June 23-25 OR July 7-9, 2019


            CAMP DISCOUNT

The Camp Discount is only for GSSA Girl Scouts who have participated in the 2018-19 Cookie Program. We make this distinction because the Cookie Program helps support and maintain our camp properties.

Based on the number of packages of cookies sold, the Camp Discount will be awarded for one camp session:

   50 pkgs = $25 Camp Discount for one session

  100 pkgs = $50 Camp Discount for one session

  150 pkgs = $75 Camp Discount for one session

  200 pkgs = $100 Camp Discount for one session

Girls who have sold 200 pkgs may receive an additional $100 Camp Discount for another session.


Select the Camp Discount coupon when registering online, indicate the number of packages your daughter sold (50 pkgs, 100 pkgs, 150 pkgs or 200+ pkgs) and the appropriate amount of discount will be applied. 

If you plan to use Program Credits to pay for camp, contact the shop to have them run the card for the amount you choose to use. The receipt will be forwarded, and amount will be credited by the Camp Director. 

Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama believes every girl should get to experience Girl Scout camp.  We provide options that make camp affordable. Consider earning Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program Credits, setting up a camp payment plan, asking for troop assistance or camp gift cards.  If you still need help, complete the financial assistance application. Financial assistance is available to registered members of Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama. Scholarships are available for one session of summer camp per child, per summer. For more information about Camp Scholarships, see our camp guide.

Looking for a summer job that will be fun and adventurous, and will help you develop the skills future employers are looking for? Apply to be a part of summer camp staff! 

Research shows that children who receive healthy mental stimulation over the summer retain a significant amount of what they learn during the school year. Summer camp encourages children to try new things, feel good about themselves and experience activities that they would not normally be offered, such as sailing, creative arts, horseback riding, zip lining, and many other water craft activities. Campers will have a rewarding experience no matter which session they choose. Prior membership in Girl Scouting is not required. Resident camps are held at Kamp Kiwanis and Scoutshire Woods.

Year-Round Outdoor Program
We offer fun, hands-on learning—an enrichment experience that meets girls' needs. Girl Scouts has innovative program activities, events and camps for girls of all interests. We offer year-round opportunities to try new things and challenge yourself in a camp setting. You'll do more than enjoy camp activities; you'll join a caring community. Girls learn skills to resolve conflict, accept differences, get along with others, and work together to achieve a shared goal. The atmosphere of acceptance and sharing at camp is special, and it helps girls thrive. We invite you to join us for one or more of our year-round camp programs.

Search for year-round outdoor programs in your area or at your favorite camp property.

You can reserve our camp properties for day or overnight outdoor fun!