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These outings require a little advance planning by your Troop Trip Coordinator.

Some quick reminders:

Overnights are not permitted without the approval of an Overnight Trip/Camping Application.

This includes ALL overnights, whether at a state park, at one of our Council camps, the local church basement, a hotel, or your backyard.  Applications are to be submitted 2-4 weeks in advance, to

Adults are not permitted to drive unless they have been Approved, are over the age of 21, and have a valid driver's license and auto insurance card on file with the troop. Copies of these documents must be attached to the Overnight Trip/Camping Application. 

Activity insurance will not cover members unless your trip is approved, every participant is registered as a member, each adult is an approved volunteer, and safety-guidelines and policies are followed.  

Download a copy of the most current 2011 Safety-Activity Checkpoint for each activity. 

"Tagalongs" cannot be insured unless they have planned activities, designated supervision, and insurance has been purchased for them.

Girls are not permitted to leave the meeting place unless you notify your SUM or Field Exec of the troop's travel plans.

Adults are not permitted to chaperone, stay overnight, drive, or handle troop funds, unless they are approved volunteers and current registered members.

A Troop Trip Folder can save you tons of time and will keep you ready to travel throughout the year. 

The Troop Trip Folder should include: health forms, for girls and adults, troop roster with emergency contact numbers, trip itinerary, maps, destination addresses & phone numbers, permission slips , copies of reservations, pre-payments, business contacts, etc., copies of every driver's license and auto insurance, copy of certifications - FA/CPR, lifeguard, canoe, archery, camping, etc.

Each driver, and your at-home contact, should have an envelope containing copies of the first three items. 

And, did you know......?
-Caravanning (following a lead driver) is not permitted.
-Emailed permission is valid; it should contain the details of the outing, the name of the girl, emergency contact numbers, and the name of the parent giving permission.
-Before you rent a vehicle (to charter a bus, rent a car, etc.) you must complete the Vehicle Rental Application and have it reviewed by a council staff member. **The use of 15 passenger vans is strictly prohibited.**
-Camp reservations will be cancelled, unless your Overnight Trip/Camping Application is received 2 weeks in advance.

For questions about trip applications, insurance, rental applications, safety-guidelines, volunteer approval, etc., contact: C. Miller at

CookiesRock1.jpgDid you know a girl is a allowed to "reallocate" her cookie money to her troop for a troop trip? If there are girls in your troop who would like to do that, please complete the Cookie Money Troop Trip Form and the Girl Earned Cookie Money Form and send to Chris Shavers for processing.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact Chris at extension 2202.

You can download the forms directly by clicking on the links above. Or, if you would like to find the forms later, they are located on the Forms & Resources page of our website under the Cookie Forms section.  They are the last two forms on the list. 
A Troop Trip folder should include completed:
  1. health forms
  2. permission slips
  3. copies of reservations, pre-payments, business contacts, etc.
  4. a troop roster with emergency contact numbers
  5. maps, destination addresses & phone numbers
  6. trip itinerary
Each driver and the at-home contact should have this info, as well.
Don't forget:
  • caravans (following a lead driver) are not permitted
  • verify every girls is a registered member
  • verify every adult is a registered member, an approved volunteer, & his/her required training is current
  • check Safety-Activity Checkpoint for each activity (theme parks, camping, outdoor cooking, etc.)
  • for day trips, notify SUM of travel plans and verify that you have copies of Driver's license and auto ins cards
  • for overnight trips, complete the overnight trip/camping application form (must attach copies of driver's licenses, auto insurance cards, certifications, etc.)
  • check to make sure you have the proper adult:girl ratios for the activity
  • do not sign any rental contracts until you complete a rental application and have it reviewed by a council staff member

Review the Venturing Out module on our website.
For questions about trip applications, insurance, rental applications, safety-guidelines, etc.
Contact: Cheryl Miller
Learning & Volunteer Services Liaison
Cell # 334.312.0433

Troops planning overnight trips or camping excursions (on non-council property) need to complete the Overnight Trip/Camping Application form. 


And, don't forget that ALL adults who chaperone, drive or stay overnight must be registered members and have an approved Volunteer Application on file with the council.


Questions? Contact Cheryl Miller at 800.239.6636, ext.2302, or

Some of the most memorable moments in a Girl Scout's life happen while attending special events and taking trips. However, there are requirements and forms to complete before you can be on your way. 


All trips require adherence to Safety-Wise and GSSA Policies and Procedures found in Volunteer Essentials, especially with regards to permission slips.  Permission slips and health history forms must be completed and available to responsible parties for the duration of the trip. All the necessary forms can be found on the Forms and Resources page at


Troops planning any overnight trip must receive permission from Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama. The Overnight Trip/Camping Application is also available on our Forms and Resources page at  This form must be completed and forwarded to Cheryl Miller at two to four weeks (depending on the length of trip) prior for approval.  Cheryl is also available to answer any questions you may have regarding troop trips.


Trips lasting three or more nights, (not including a federal holiday) require the troop to purchase additional GSUSA insurance from the council.


More information about planning and taking trips with your girls is available in Volunteer Essentials.


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