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GS_DQ.jpgPeanut butter and chocolate always has been a popular flavor combination. Now Dairy Queen has taken that flavor profile to new heights with the introduction of the first-ever Girl Scouts Tagalongs Peanut Butter Patties Blizzard Flavor Treat, slated as the Blizzard of the Month for July.


This marks the second year that Dairy Queen is partnering with Girl Scouts of the USA, which last year culminated with the debut of the Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie Blizzard Treat.  The Thin Mint Blizzard will be the Blizzard of the Month for August.  Last summer, Dairy Queen served more than 10 million Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie Blizzards, making it the most popular limited time Blizzard flavor ever.


"You might say it's a Girl Scout summer at Dairy Queen with these two Blizzard flavors on our menu in July and August," said Michael Keller, chief brand officer for International Dairy Queen, Inc. "But the relationship goes beyond that. During the week of July 20, we are hosting DQ Girl Scouts Appreciation Week. Through events at our local Dairy Queen and DQ Grill & Chill???? locations around the country, we will support this preeminent leadership organization in building girls of courage, confidence and character."


During Girl Scouts Appreciation Week use this coupon for $1 off your Peanut Butter Pattie Blizzard!  To find participating stores visit or call DQ Customer Service at 866-793-7582.


Girls can also develop their entrepreneurial skills with a behind-the-scenes tour of a DQ store. Girls will learn how to run a successful business, gain insight into the product development process, and enhance their financial literacy skills. Your tour will be topped off by an opportunity to make a DQ cone with a twirl the way the experts do it!  Troops should schedule a store tour during July 20 - 26.


Steps for a Successful DQ Store Tour

  • Call stores at least one week in advance to schedule their tour.
  • Ask the DQ owner what time and day is most convenient for a tour.
  • Review the DQ Activity Guide prior to your tour.
As a council, we purchase additional activity insurance for events that may include tagalongs who are not registered Girl Scouts (like moms, dads, brothers, sisters, etc.). We encourage you to purchase this insurance, as well, when you are planning events that involve non-registered individuals, as a safety precaution.  We particularly advise you to do so if the events include the following: horseback riding, archery, and other shooting sports.


At about 11 cents per person, activity insurance is an inexpensive way to provide additional protection  for those attending your events.  If you would like to purchase this insurance, please contact Christine Shavers ( at 800.239.6636.  The form is available on the Forms & Resources page of the web site, under Program & Events Forms


None of the eight varieties of Girl Scout cookies are part of the current peanut butter recall, including the Tagalong???? and Do-Si-Do???? cookies.  We have received assurances that none of the cookies are connected to the peanut producer linked to the salmonella outbreak.

The peanut butter used in all Little Brownie Bakers Girl Scout cookie products does not come from the supplier involved in the current peanut butter recall.  Our CEO, Dr. Liz Brent, said "We've been in constant contact with Little Brownie Bakers and they reassured us that our cookies are not coming from the affected source."

Food safety and quality are of the utmost importance to us. We appreciate your continuing support in our local communities.

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